The Specific Plan for this 157-acre active adult community and mixed-use master planned community focuses on sustainable, whole health living environments.  Alternative housing and lifestyle options are included in the Specific Plan, including attached, high density, and multi-level housing.  Four residential villages are organized around a village green and centralized recreation facilities.  Residents can easily walk through 17-acres of interconnected open space and parkland to the village center, designed to accommodate yoga and fitness facilities, community gardens, and small retail shops mixed with medical clinics and other office uses.  The HLA Group provided land use, circulation and infrastructure planning; complete community  design; logo design; and created public presentation materials to assist in obtaining entitlements.  The Specific Plan completely conforms to Manteca’s 2023 General Plan and supports a logical extension of the City’s existing development pattern.

Location:   Manteca, CA

Cardoza Ranch