Desert Sage Youth Wellness Center

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Indian Health Service
Hemet, CA

This federally funded 20-acre residential treatment facility accommodates up to 96 patients/70 staff providing substance abuse treatment services to American Indian/Native youth aged 12-17 throughout Southern California. The campus is the first of its kind in the State and includes a variety of residential, therapy and administrative buildings, outdoor recreational, and ceremonial spaces. As a LEED-Gold Certified project, the selection of regionally appropriate plant material and alternative mulch/paving materials was critical in the conservation of resources and site water-usage. Plantings showcases drought tolerant, native and adapted species in a series of formal and informal planting areas complimentary of the buildings and circulation networks. All plant material requires minimal long-term maintenance and supplemental water following establishment. Also, trees were placed to shade reflective materials wherever possible while providing areas to gather and enjoy the natural beauty of the site.