Mountain House High School

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Lammersville Unified School District
Mountain House, CA

Mountain House High School was the first high school to be constructed by the Lammersville Unified School District and designed for a programmed enrollment of 2,000 students. The District will continue to grow as the master planned community surrounding it continues to flourish and evolve.  Mountain House has become a bedroom commuter community for working professionals in the Bay Area looking for affordable housing, great schools, and a community with the hometown feel. The 47-acre high school campus includes a state-of-the-art track and field and stadium, varsity baseball and softball diamonds, tennis courts, and aquatic facilities. The stadium's synthetic turf field was designed to accommodate both football and soccer. The track and field venue includes an all-weather 8-lane track and full complement of field-event related venues. Practice fields have been integrated into the campus to maximize the use of physical education and high school sports activities.