Heron Landing Community Park

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Cordova Recreation and Park District
Rancho Cordova, CA

Facility Design & Park Planning Award — California Parks & Recreation Society (2018) Award of Distinction - California Association of Recreation & Park Districts (2018) Heron Landing Community Park is a 20-acre park located within the Anatolia master planned community and is designed to serve the growing recreational needs of the region. Program elements of the park include: lighted softball/baseball fields, restroom/concession buildings, a lighted soccer field, lighted tennis courts, half-court basketball courts, group picnic areas, interactive water spray pad, themed children’s play areas, bocce ball courts, demonstration garden, and an on-site parking. Nature is a common theme throughout the the park and is derived from natural wetlands that border one side of the park. Large shade canopies in the shape and color of yellow flowers frame the spray park. Colorful butterfly shade canopies “flutter” through the play area. Play equipment and amphibious sculptures emerge from the water-colored surfacing. The play equipment theming, design and arrangement conjures visions of a meandering riverbed, teeming with activity and life. A demonstration garden overlooks the wetlands and is designed for use as an outdoor classroom for local schools and includes interpretive signage and native plants.