Storybook Woods Park

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Cosumnes Community Services District
Elk Grove, CA

Storybook Woods Park is one of three parks located in Glenbrooke at Madeira, an active adult community. Using children’s literary classics as design inspiration, the fantasy theme “transports” park users from Elk Grove and into a land of imaginative play and recreation. The park features three distinct and unique play areas that enchant and delight: space station (futuristic), land of the lost (dinosaurs), and shipwreck cove (pirates). In addition to the themed play areas, the park design includes a child-scale “Storytelling Circle” amphitheater with large precast concrete books, group picnic area, meandering walking path, seating areas, and a fitness station. Storybook Woods Park is a whimsical place that playfully celebrates fables and tales from childhood.