Cabral Ace Transit Station

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San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission
Stockton, CA

Located at the terminus of the Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) line, the Robert J. Cabral station serves as a daily commuter stop for rail passengers and its terminal building is a registered historical landmark. Design improvements focused on retaining the historic character of the site while updating facilities to 21st century standards. The bus drop-off area, on-site parking, and vehicular circulation improvements facilitate the user experience. The approach to the station is lined with 30’ tall palm trees to emphasize the strong urban character of the station. Pervious decorative paving in the driveway aisles and parking areas provide storm water infiltration. A central “green” plaza located in front of the terminal building offers ample room for outdoor activities. This station provides seamless multi-modal transportation integration while maintaining the historical character and aesthetic of the site.