Napa Riverfront

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City of Napa
Napa, CA

When the Army Corps of Engineers approached the City of Napa with a flood control solution to contain the Napa River as it runs through five blocks of the City’s downtown, the public and City officials objected. Instead the City requested an alternative design alternative that would respect the engineering requirements while creating a vibrant pedestrian promenade and park system along the downtown riverfront. Due to the efforts of The HLA Group, this design alternative was actualized. A two-tiered Promenade provides flood protection for a 10-year flood event at the lower level, and a 100-year event at the upper level. Hardscape, street furnishings and landscape elements complement the City’s historic and commercial core. A continuous trail runs along the river connects the downtown area to local and regional trail systems. This riverfront improvement reflects creative problem solving and adapts engineered solution to enhance the aesthetic of the downtown urban core.